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I was asked to be a part of this shoot to employ the NEX 5N’s HD 60fps capabilities and to perform some slider work. Enjoy.

I had the tasty pleasure of hanging out with a couple of wonderful cooks from SF (by way of Mexico) who are very very passionate about one of my greatest loves; food.

I documented the couple of days and made this Kickstarter video for them. Their idea is simple but unique. Like the farmer, Maria Catalan, who owns her own 50 plus acre organic farm, who is featured in this video, it is still too rare to see migrantes come out from behind the scenes to claim their own in this current local/sustainable food movement.

Elizabeth Tinajero and Jose Ramos are very talented and very passionateabout what they do. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROJECT in any way that you can. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/285874484/media-naranja-taco-shop?ref=watched_project_launched

Directed by Jazmin Garcia.  Lit by yours truly.

Cover photo by Frank Sosa, Rasquache Production House.

Cover photo by Frank Sosa, Rasquache Production House.

Rusty Zinn’s Rise Up.  Shot, lit and edited by yours truly.

In July 2012, Chef Dominica Rice celebrated one year of being in business in Old Oakland. This vignette highlight’s Cosecha’s mission to build community by bringing authentic artisan style cooking to the public in the historic Housewive’s Market (Swan’s).  Video by Frank Sosa.